Hassan Engineering initially started its business in Islamabad in 1990 as an engineering concern in the field of Electrical, Mechanical and HVACR installation and their maintenance. The company made significant progress during the nineties and achieved prominence in the field of planning, designing, fabrication, installation and commissioning of all types of Electrical and Mechanical equipments such as Electric distribution panels related to HVAC systems, installation of piping and ducting network for different types: capacities of HVAC systems also fabrication and installation of heavy steel structure for workshops and factories. Further more our Company established its reputation as designers, and installers for different types and capacities of Electrical and HVAC projects including installation of LT switchgears, installation of chillers and other allied machinery and commissioning and balancing of complete HVACR systems. This achievement was only made possible by the inducting a team of highly skilled professionals to do the job. This team of competent motivated, Engineers and Technicians laid emphasis on quality of workmanship and a professional approach. M/S Hassan Engineering Consultant and Engineers are working for last 20 years and has expensive and valuable experience in designing of electrical switchgears for industries and large commercial buildings, Hospitals and installation of LT & HT overhead lines in different area of Islamabad. They have all necessary machinery and other mobile equipment enabling them to work in anywhere in Pakistan. Hassan Engineering after completing a large number of engineering projects with some renowned embassies, Private organization, and some Government and semi government departments in Islamabad and Lahore and in other areas of Pakistan as well as Azad Jammu & Kashmir is now in a position to handle any size of Electrical, Mechanical and HVAC engineering venture.